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Working Together Aiming High

Equality and Diversity


 At Combe Down Primary School we are committed to celebrating the rich ethnic diversity of our community.

We promote an atmosphere of respect for all children and adults.

The 2010 Equalities Act stipulates general and specific duties that must be carried out by all educational settings which include:

  1. Eliminating unlawful discrimination.
  2. Promoting equal opportunity
  3. Promoting good relations between people of different racial groups.

In order to ensure the provision is relevant and accessible to children we undertake regular ethnic monitoring of children. We strive to challenge institutional racism.

Our School Equalities Objectives are published here along with our Single Equality Plan, and our SEND Information Report.


At Combe Down we are committed to fostering good relations between different groups of children

We aim to:

  • Prepare children for life in a diverse society in which children are able to see their place in the local, regional, national and international community.
  • Provide a learning environment where all our children see themselves reflected and belong.
  • Include and value the contribution of all our families to our understanding of diversity.
  • Provide a curriculum which supports and celebrates differences and diversity.

Our Children Teach Others!

Sinan's Mum sent us these videos of him teaching her English Phonics!  If you have a parent who has English as an Additional Language, why not try pretending to be your class teacher at home and teaching your parent how we learn Phonics?

Thanks to Sinan and his Mum for allowing us to use their videos - we think they're great!

    Video 1 

  Video 2