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Year 3 Learning at Home

At home: tactics to help you in school! It's simple... read and enjoy books of all sorts.

Use these reading techniques with someone else at home while you read and your school work will automatically improve.

Number One
When reading use the LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK when reading new words.

Number Two
Try using the word in a sentence of your own to help you understand the meaning.

Number Three
If you get stuck on a word SEGMENT it. Break up the words into chunks where you can sound out the smaller parts.

Number Four
Use mnemonics to help remember tricky spellings. Here are some well known ones:
BECAUSE: Big elephants can always understand small elephants
SAID: silly apples in doors

It's much more fun to make up your own. This will help remember tricky spellings.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, just read - and smile while you do it!  Reading should be for pleasure but listening is fun too.  Read to each other, switch on the radio, tell your own stories...

Useful/interesting links: very useful place value cards for Maths that the children have been exposed to in class. mummy maker game.

'Times Tables Rock Stars' website. Each child has their own login to play games independently or with their classmates.  Their real names are not visible on the website.