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Term Dates 2016-2017

Click here to download a printable sheet showing all school term dates (not Inset Days).

Term 1 Starts: Monday 5th September 2016, 8.45/8.50am
1st and 2nd September are Inset Days.
Term 1 Ends: Friday 21st October 2016, 3.15pm.
Term 2 Starts:

Monday 31st October 2016, 8.45/8.50am.

Term 2 Ends:

Friday 16th December 2016, 3.15pm.  
No Clubs w/c 12th December 2016

Term 3 Starts:

Tuesday 3rd January 2017, 8.45/8/50am. 
No Clubs w/c 2nd January 2017

Term 3 Ends:

Friday 10th February 2017, 3.15pm

Term 4 Starts:

Monday 20th February 2017, 8.45/8.50am.

Term 4 Ends:

Friday 7th April 2017, 3.15pm.

Term 5 Starts:

Monday 24th April 2017 8.45/8.50am.

Term 5 Ends: Friday 26th May 2017, 3.15pm
Term 6 Starts:

Monday 5th June 2017, 8.45/8.50 am 

16th, 19th and 26th June are Inset Days

Term 6 Ends

Friday 21st July 2017, 3.15pm

No Clubs w/c 17th July 2017

INSET DAYS:     1st and 2nd September 2016 (children start school on Monday 5th September)                                                         Friday 16th June 2017
                             Monday 19th June 2017
                             Monday 26th June 2017

We may choose to take another day as an INSET Day in line with Ralph Allen’s 6 days a year. If so we will confirm this with parents as soon as possible.