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Welcome to Reception (aka Foundation Stage)

Willow 1 - Mr Roy, Mrs Slator and Mrs Desai   
Willow 2 - Mr Wainer, Mrs Imrie, Mrs Riley and Mrs Selway

This blog is a great way of keeping up to date with the work of the Foundation Stage each week. You will find here information about events coming up and what the children are/have been doing in class. Hopefully with the nightly twitter updates, the blog each week and the daily drop offs, you will feel that you know what your child has been up to at School.

 W/E 11th January 2018

Welcome back and Happy New Year! The children are as excited as we all are that it is a new month and year. It took us (mostly the adults) a few tries to get used to saying 'January' and '2019' when we settle the children on the carpet in the morning and look at the day's date, but it is now familiar.

Exciting news! Monday 14th January is our Night Walk! Please join us in Rainbow Woods, meeting at 4.15 at the entrance opposite Shaft Road.  We will be (hopefully) looking at stars as they come out, but also appreciating that even in the winter, as dark descends, that are lots of interesting things to observe in the natural environment.  Please bring torches, and remember that, while Foundation Stage staff will be there leading, the children will be your responsibility throughout.

This week we have written about what gifts we received over the holidays.  In Maths we have done lots of work on number, including becoming more and more familiar with teen numbers. 

Next week we will share information about the Sun and the Moon, and the children will write a fact (or more) about one of them.  We will do some guided art, drawing what we saw on our night walk (don't worry if your children aren't able to make this!). 

In Phonics we will continue teaching Phase 3 digraphs (where two letters make one sound, like 'th', 'sh', 'ch', 'ng' or 'ai'). 

Keep up the great work on the Duck and now the Dinosaur! Please support your child's reading on a daily basis.  Remember, try to save time to read stories to your children, as well.

As always, please do not hesitate to bring any questions or concerns our way.

The Foundation Stage Team