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Requests for Absence

I have received several requests for absence from school during term time in the last few days. I do not authorise absence from school unless there are very exceptional circumstances.  I understand the reasons absence is requested – cheaper holidays, work commitments, family occasions… At Combe Down Church of England Primary School we require the highest level of punctuality and attendance from every pupil. Regular attendance is a legal requirement and increases the possibility for each pupil to develop their potential during their time at school.  It is our interpretation that ‘regular full time attendance’ means 100% unless prevented from attending due to illness, an unavoidable cause or exceptional circumstances where absence has been authorised. 

It is important that pupils have the opportunity to experience the full range of a balanced curriculum with its contribution to their daily academic, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development. Erratic attendance and lateness leads to pupils feeling out of touch with school life and falling behind with their work. Frequent absence, or absence for blocks of time, may have a long lasting effect by creating learning ‘gaps’ in a child’s understanding. Furthermore, at our school we believe that attendance and punctuality are life skills which demonstrate an individual to be reliable, responsible and organised. It is the responsibility of the school and parents in partnership to prepare our children for the future and we believe that attitudes to attendance and punctuality developed at school will resonate throughout our children’s lives and chosen careers. Optimum levels of attendance can only be achieved when responsibility is accepted and shared by all concerned. Thank you for your support in upholding these high expectations.

Mrs Gascoigne