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Inconsiderate Parking around School

I am sorry to say that there are still huge issues with inconsiderate parking and blatant disregard for the road markings around school.  Residents are still saying parents are being thoughtless about where they park and the impact it has on others. I have registration numbers of cars, belonging to parents at school, who regularly park on the zig-zag markings. If the situation does not improve we may publish the offending registration numbers in our newsletters.

Often the comment is that they will ‘only be a minute, I am just dropping off’. It only takes a minute for a child to be knocked over! The zig-zags and double yellow lines are a NO PARKING ZONE. Please think before you “just drop off”. Another comment that I have received is about parents who are using their mobile phones whilst driving, with children in the car.

Please spend some time with your children looking again at the Green Cross Code. The last thing we want is a serious accident.