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Community Art Project

Over the past 12 weeks years 1-6 have been involved with a community drawing project where each class have had a days’ worth of drawing and art connected to their topic work, related to the effects of climate change.

Their drawing is going to be part of a trail of 1000 metres of drawing which will be laid out on the 14th June at Monkton Prep School. Combe Down School have contributed half of this length and it will be displayed alongside drawings of students from Monkton Prep, Monkton Senior and local artists.

The 1000 metres represents the length the Sermitsiaq Glacier in south west Greenland receded in a 20 year period from 1995-2015; the aim of the project is to offer a physical sense of the effects of climate change on the Arctic ice cap. The project is being coordinated by one of our parents Sarah Sidders; for more information and to see some of the art the children have created please visit the project blog:

The drawing and art that the children have completed will be displayed around school over the coming weeks, which has been funded by our PTA. If you would like to be involved please contact Sarah,

We wish to thank Sarah for her support, skill and time in working with our children. It has been amazing. Huge thanks to you, Sarah.